The Johnson Research Collective for Transformational Education (JRCTE) primarily investigates and theorizes issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion across diverse educational contexts. Further, JRCTE is led by Dr. Jarrel Johnson in collaboration with research associates from various higher education institutions

 JRCTE Members 

Research Team Supervisor 

Jarrel t. johnson, ph.d. (He/him/hIS)

Research Supervisor 

Dr. Johnson is an Assistant Professor of higher education at the University of Utah. His research explores the nexus of college student identities, higher education leadership and change. Currently, Dr. Johnson is concerned with how institutional stakeholders at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) work to promote an inclusive campus for Black queer and trans* students. 

   Research Associates 

Adrien Barrios (He/him/his) 

Research Associate 

Adrien Barrios is a higher education professional and graduate student in the M.Ed. Educational Leadership & Policy (ELP) Student Affairs program at the University of Utah. He has managed multi-tiered projects at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) since February 2018. In Adrien's work, he primarily focuses on national initiatives designed to strengthen mental health support services for medical students of color and build targeted interventions in K-16 that broaden opportunities for learners from marginalized backgrounds to pursue careers in medicine and science. Adrien actively merges theory with practice both within AAMC and beyond through collaborative initiatives with HBCUs, the Steve Fund, and D.C. based non-profit organizations. 


Research Associate  

Dalvin Dunn is a doctoral student studying Higher Education at Texas A&M University. His research consists of Black Males in Education, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Education in Prison. Further, his research focuses on how to improve the quality of education, access to resources, and creating innovation through access. 

Ramon joHNSON, M.A. (They/them)

Research Associate 

Ramon Johnson is a critical qualitative scholar and interdisciplinary artist from Atlanta, GA with expertise on Black Trans* & Queer institutional politics. Much of their research interrogates issues of (Anti)Blackness, institutionalized transphobia and queer antagonism in higher education with a particular attention to HBCU campus climates, neoliberalism and abolition. Ramon is currently pursuing a PhD in Feminist/ Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington 

Taylor jOHNSON, b.s. (hE/HIM/HIS)  

Research Associate

Taylor Johnson is a graduate student in the M.Ed. Student Affairs program at the University of Utah. He currently works as a graduate assistant with the U’s Learning Center, where he helps to oversee learning consultations, skills presentations, and the tutoring program. Taylor also serves as the Vice Chair of Student Services on the Associated Students of the University of Utah’s Student Resources Board and on the U's College of Education Student Council.Before coming to the U, Taylor studied at Utah Valley University, where he graduated from their Honors Program in May 2021 with a B.S. in Psychology, in addition to receiving distinctions for graduating Summa Cum Laude and from UVU's Global/Intercultural Program. He also worked as the Presidential Intern for the VP of Academic Affairs at UVU and as an Assistant Coordinator for UVU’s Supplemental Instruction Program. During his free time, Taylor loves going to the movies and writing reviews of them on his Instagram page, reading books, expanding his ever-growing vinyl and Funko Pop collections, and going to the park with his boyfriend, Joshua, and their dog, Daisy.